Why Choose Vortex Search?

I'm glad you asked the question, "Why should I choose Vortex Search?"

My name is Spencer Tashima, and I founded Vortex Search to provide exceptional search services to my clients.

No matter what search firm you choose, the service that you receive will be dependent upon the abilities of one or two key individuals that are working with you and their commitment to your search.  All too often, it is not the abilities of the individuals, but their commitment to your search that falls short, which leads to a less than satisfactory result.

Retained Search

I want to assure all potential clients that if Vortex Search accepts a key retained search assignment with your company, that we will be 100% committed to your satisfaction.  We will work closely with you and your executive management team to assure a successful conclusion of the search.

When we take on your search, we become an extension of your company and work hard to understand the intangibles - beyond skill sets, education and experience - that ultimately result in a successful, long-term match. 

Contingency Search

We will selectively accept key contingency search assignments, and we apply many of the processes that we use to fill retained search openings, as applicable to the contingency business model.

Contract Engineering Services

For critical short-to-medium term projects, Vortex Search has helped clients by quickly finding the appropriate resource for their projects.  As a client, your critical needs become our highest priorities.

Recruitment Programs

For full-service recruitment programs, we can provide both onsite and offsite services, working with top management and hiring managers to plan and execute a cohesive, company recruitment strategy.

Go to the "Recent Searches" page for more detail on positions that we have succesfully filled.